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Good Foods and Presents from Tachikawa

Tachikawa tourism recommended products and certified product MAP
Good Foods and Presents from Tachikawa


  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Shibasaki-cho 2-5-6
  • 042-526-2035
  • 9:00-20:00 [Closed / First Sunday and Third Sunday]
Especially steamed original blend tea(Kikukawaen)

Name:Especially steamed original blend tea The expiration date: 365 days
Amount:80gx2 Price:1,944yen(Including 216yen box price) 

By careful quality control, tea pull out the original taste, creation was formulated as is also preferred to drink in any season refined tea. Decoction is fast, is a taste attractive timeless to drink many times.

Komoe tea(Kikukawaen)

Name:Komoe tea The expiration date: 365 days
Amount:3gx10 Price:618yen

Carefully selected, especially steamed tea finish in a triangular tea pack, is a delicious drink tea in hot even in ice. Animation of electromagnetic gun of Certain Magical-phrase science has become a familiar character "Shomoe teacher" of cute original package, we have sold as a regional development-related goods shall be deemed to be replaced municipality.

2House of sweets "Emilie Floge"

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Akebono-cho 2-5-1(Isetan first floor)
  • 042-527-1138
  • 9:00-20:00 [Closed / New Year's Day]
Poetry of the road Financier set(House of sweets

Name:Poetry of the road Financier set The expiration:35 days
Amount:10 pieces / 15 pieces 
:1,882yen(Including 155 yen box price)/ 2,735yen(Including 155 yen box price)
※Single item 172 yen

In Patisserie of 1980 founding, financier, which boasts the popular from opening initially. Use a carefully selected almond and butter, the rich taste. Plain, chocolate, there are three kinds of taste of green tea.

Ange Madeleine(House of sweets

Name:Ange Madeleine  The expiration:35 days
Amount:5 pieces / 10 pieces 
:925yen(Including 65 yen box price)/ 1,748yen(Including 65 yen box price) ※Single item 172 yen

Use the local Tachikawa of eggs "Good akadama egg". Quality of vanilla and orange peel, the zest of lemon, and you will sweets baked in lightly refreshing flavor. I am a motif lighting in the form of angel of wheel of House of sweets "Emilie Floge".

Brown rice baked donuts(House of sweets

Name:Brown rice baked donuts The expiration:35 days
Amount:1 piece Price:180yen

Use the brown rice and Tachikawa Good egg of attention as a healthy diet, it is a healthy snack that does not fried in oil. Aroma of brown rice flour roasted depth to the vanilla flavor is characterized.

3Tachikawa Iseya confectionery

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Takamatsu-cho 3-17-1
  • 042-525-6837

  • 9:00-18:00 [Closed / New Year only]
Udo pie(Tachikawa Iseya confectionery)

Name:Udo pie The expiration:20 days
Amount:8 pieces Price:2,031yen(Including box price) ※Single item 227 yen

Your voice over than Ochiai shopkeeper Tachikawa located in Nishiki-cho, the day before yesterday closed the long-established Japanese confectionery shop "Yanase" is there took over the recipe. Developed as close as possible killing of Seto of Udo pie, it has become a commodity to get even willing to customers was a fan of Yanase.

Dorayaki (Gekota orayaki ・Tachidora・Udorayaki)(Tachikawa Iseya confectionery)

Name:Dorayaki (Gekota orayaki ・Tachidora・Udorayaki) The expiration:10 days
Amount:10 pieces Price:2,430yen(Including 270 yen box price) ※Single item 216 yen

To Dorayaki using Tachikawa Iseya confectionery proud of homemade jam, is a commodity you press the favorite face of the mascot "ribbid thickness" of a heroine, "Misaka Mikoto" of electromagnetic gun of science and animation in the brand. We are pleased to souvenir of everyone of the phrase fans nationwide.

Goro(Tachikawa Iseya confectionery)

Name:Goro The expiration:20 days
Amount:8 pieces Price:1,944yen(Including box price) ※Single item 216 yen

Was named in honor of that five differences road is often in the city strategic points. Big chestnut has entered purring, it is handmade one by one craftsman.

4Shinanoya (community store Fujimamachi Kaji and store)

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Fujimi-cho 2-13-4 (community store Fujimamachi Kaji and store)
  • 042-524-4708
  • 9:00-19:00 [Closed / Thursday]
Udo set(Rice crackers,Cubic rice crackers,Sweet bean jelly)(Shinanoya)

Name:Udo set(Rice crackers,Cubic rice crackers,Sweet bean jelly)  The expiration:180 days
Amount:1 set Price:1,100yen (Including 200 yen box price)

A set of crackers that made use of the flavor of bean, hail, hail, and sheepskin together. Each chopped corn is used, and the texture is good. A handmade rice cracker's shop that lasts for 40 years handles it.

Udo crackers(Shinanoya)

Name:Udo crackers
Amount:1 sheet Price:108 yen

Crackers that makes the flavor of Udo.

Udo hail(Shinanoya)

Name:Udo hail
Amount:1 bag (100g) Price:540 yen

The hail was taking advantage of the flavor of Udo.

Udo yokan(Shinanoya)

Name:Udo yokan
Amount:1 Price:350 yen

Udo jelly that makes the flavor of Udo.

5Ishizaka sh?ten

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Akebono-cho 2-32-5
  • 042-522-2886
  • 10:00-19:00 [Closed / Sundays and holidays]
Motodare(Ishizaka sh?ten)

Name:Motodare The expiration:365 days
Amount:2 bottles(1000ml×2) / 3 bottles (1000ml x 3) 
:2,484yen (Including box price) / 3,564yen (Including box price) ※Single item 1000ml 1,080yen

Super specialties soy sauce, dried bonito, thick seasoning, such as the based mirin synthetic preservatives non-use. Color is thin in the sweet modest, I can take advantage of a variety of dishes. Hit product also enter orders from all over the country.

6Kuzuya Okashitsukasa-Hanakado

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Hagoromo-cho 2-46-25
  • 042-525-8006
  • 10:00-19:00 [Closed / Irregular holiday]
Hagoromo Nebuta(Kuzuya Okashitsukasa-Hanakado)

Name:Hagoromo Nebuta The expiration:20 days
Amount:10 pieces Price:1,822yen (Including 212yen box price) ※Single item 161 yen

Named after the Tachikawa festival "Hagoromo Nebuta".

During flower one wheel(Kuzuya Okashitsukasa-Hanakado)

Name:During flower one wheel The expiration: 12 days
Amount:12 pieces Price:2,043yen (Including 231yen box price) ※Single item 151 yen

"flower one wheel" Naka is also excellent fragrant with chestnut sauce containing skin.

Tachikawa grew up(Kuzuya Okashitsukasa-Hanakado)

Name:Tachikawa grew up The expiration:15 days
Amount:10 pieces Price:1,822yen (Including 212yen box price)※Single item 161 yen

Across the Udo such as "Tachikawa grew up", also in the wake of trade names souvenir story from local.

7Pastry Premiere

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Nishisuna-cho 1-36-11
  • 042-531-4835
  • 10:00-19:00 [Closed / Monday, the second and fourth Tuesday]
Rifupai of Itsukaichi Road zelkova tree-lined(Pastry Premiere)

Name:Rifupai of Itsukaichi Road zelkova tree-lined The expiration:30 days
Amount:12 pieces / 21 pieces 
:1,426yen (Box price Free) / 2,495yen (Box price Free)
※Single item 119 yen

Baked sweets made with fermented butter producing fragrance and maple giving deepness to sweetness. Pie cloth is crispy and touching light teeth, so many pieces can be eaten.

Tachikawa Lemone(Pastry Premiere)

Name:Tachikawa Lemone The expiration:14 days
Amount:7 pieces Price:1,512yen(Including box cost) ※Single item 216 yen

I made nostalgic lemon cake with carefully selected ingredients.
We use lemon juice from Tachikawa, and we have ourselves on the taste of overcooked lemon chocolate!


  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Nishiki-cho 1-24-26
  • 042-529-2323/042-525-9971
  • 11:30-22:00 [Closed / The end of the year beginning of the year]
Nishikunitachi beer (cream ale, amber ale)(Mumonan)

Name:Nishikunitachi beer (cream ale, amber ale) The expiration:45 days
Amount:6 bottles (each 330ml) Price:2,800yen (Including 100yen box price)

And pumped up the natural water of the local underground 100m, use the malt yeast that was carefully selected, yeast without heat treatment is alive. "Nishikunitachi beer cream ale" is refreshing drinking fruity. "Nishikunitachi Beer Amber Ale" is full of fragrant and added malt that was roasted (roasting).

9kakinoki companykakinoki company

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Akebono-cho 3-4-3 well-done Muto building 3rd floor
  • 042-523-2962
  • 9:30-17:30 [Closed / Saturday and Sunday and holidays]
Tachikawa of honey Karinto(kakinoki companykakinoki company)

Name:Tachikawa of honey Karinto The expiration:60 days
Amount:1 piece (50g) Price:330yen

Use the honey produced in the Yoshizawa orchard of Tachikawa. Sales also conducted in the city of course packaging and inventory management. Since make the original package from 20, also to the distribution and souvenirs.

People of Tachikawa(kakinoki companykakinoki company)

Name:People of Tachikawa The expiration:365 days
Amount:1 bag(20g) Price:250yen

It is a snack confection in the shape of a person made from domestic rice of attention, fluffy and crispy texture.In the package, Tachikawa's small neta is on it, it is a good for souvenirs.

10Arai sushi total main shop

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Akebono-cho 1-30-13
  • 042-522-2957
  • Lunch11:30-14:00(LO),Dinner17:00-22:00(LO) [Closed / On the first Sunday]
Sasa Blue's Journey Hachinohe before off the coast mackerel / Wakasa small sea bream marinated(Arai sushi total main shop)

Name:Sasa Blue's Journey Hachinohe before off the coast mackerel / Wakasa small sea bream marinated The expiration:2days
Amount:Each 8 pieces Price:1,620yen / 2,160yen

2012 "Tama gem Contest" award. Fat Aomori prefecture and Hachinohe before off the coast mackerel Fukui Prefecture Wakasa small sea bream that was riding, is a leaf sushi bamboo crisp the Tokyo Udo combination is exquisite bite size. The souvenir of women Very good.

11Asami alcohol-selling shop

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Fujimi-cho 1-2-7
  • 042-522-2823
  • 10:00-20:00 [Closed / Sunday and holidays]
Beer of Tachikawa production fruit(Asami alcohol-selling shop)

Name:Beer of Tachikawa production fruit (Blueberry/Peach/Lemon)
The expiration:60days
Amount: 1 /Gift set Price:500 yen / 2,500 yen

Beer "folded want to make the city of beer" from think with, that Asami Tadayoshi's Asami Hotel has developed a central role. It has been commercialized as Tachikawa local beer from that it was popular in the "Manpaku". J: COM Tama and Fujimi original completion of the cooperation of the shopping street of the town.

Local cider (Flying/Red dragonfly)(Asami alcohol-selling shop)

Name:Local cider (Flying/Red dragonfly) The expiration:2years
Amount: 1bottles Price:300 yen

Ground Self Defense Force Tachikawa Residential Limited Label
I raised a label design as one item of the Tachikawa proliferation corps.
Label is in Tachikawa city Under the supervision of "Kotobukiya", it is a city limited label.
There are two types of "Flying cider"and"Red dragonfly cider".

12Palace Bakery

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Akebono-cho 2-40-15
  • 042-527-1111
  • 10:00-21:00 [without a holiday]

Tachikawa roll(Palace Bakery)

Name:Tachikawa roll The expiration:2 days(Keep refrigerated)
Amount:1piece Price:1,296 yen(Including box price)

Products that have been developed from the desire of the Suites female staff team hotels represent the Tachikawa. Luxury-to-use in fabrics and fresh cream honey of Ichikawa farm in Ichibancho. Gentle sweetness and moist and texture of the fabric roll of honey, please enjoy the exquisite combination of each other brings out plenty of cream.

Tama Milk Dacquoise(Palace Bakery)

Name:Tama Milk Dacquoise The expiration:40 days
Amount:7pcs Price:1,080 yen

Fluffy baked in Dacquoise of fabric and Tama of milk "Tokyo Milk" only sugar was sand the milk jam made by boiling down 1 hour carefully. Please enjoy the exquisite harmony of rich milk that spread in the light taste of texture and mouth.

13Farmers Center minore Tachikawa

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Sunagawa-cho 2-1-5
  • 042-538-7227
  • Summer(4/1〜10/31)10:00-18:00 Winter(11/1〜3/31)10:00-17:00
Udo dressing(Farmers Center minore Tachikawa)

Name:Udo dressing The expiration:300 days(From production date)
Amount:Set of 3 Price:1,530yen ※Single item 580yen

While firmly leave the scent of Udo, it brings out the flavor of the ingredients over was, not just salad, is also ideal for meat, fish, stews.

14Hisada(Salon ・ Te ・ Cheese Kingdom)

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Sakae-cho 4-16-1
  • 042-513-4101
  • 10:00-19:00 [Closed / Tuesday]

Name:Tachikawa The expiration:3 days( Keep refrigerated)
Amount:1piece Price:280 yen ※Seasonal limited items will be 320 yen.

And mascarpone of the highest quality to be sent directly by air from Italy, we wrapped skin of glutinous the Dainagon who left the chewy. A commitment of the cheese with the luxury, is the original Suites of cheese shop unique.

15Tachikawa print shop

  • Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Fujimiecho 5-6-15
  • 042-524-3268
  • 10:00-19:00 [Closed / Tuesday]
the SOUND of oldies TACHIKAWA(Tachikawa print shop)

Name:the SOUND of oldies TACHIKAWA
    Tachikawa of landscape and Showa color album
    Showa color Tachikawa landscape calendar

The dear streets which can't be seen in now are being sold at the city bookstore (orion studies) as a photograph collection and a calendar. I have everybody in the city miss, and it's being hoped if you'd also tell Tachikawa's change in posterity.

16TeA CoZY

  • Tachikawa-shi Shibasaki-cho 2-10-14 Yazawa Building 1F
  • 042-525-6366
  • 8:00〜21:00
Tachikawa caramel monaka(TeA CoZY)

Name:Tachikawa caramel monaka The expiration:40 days
Amount:10 sheets Price:1,080円yen ※Single item108yen

I cooked almonds and caramel on the skin in the middle and baked it crisply. Please enjoy the delicate taste which can only be delivered with leather in the middle.

Tamagawa Tamago Pudge(TeA CoZY)

Name:Tamagawa Tamago Pudge The expiration:2 days (refrigerated necessary)
Amount:6 pieces Price:980yen ※Single item 195yen

I put pudding in the shell of real eggs using carefully selected materials. Please enjoy a rich taste while small.

Tachikawa Vanilla Custard Sho(TeA CoZY)

Name:Tachikawa Vanilla Custard Sho The expiration:1 days
Amount:1 piece Price:250 yen

TeA CoZY custard cream is not yellow. It is a brownish cream color. It is brownish because it is extracted from natural Madagascar vanilla in our unique way without leaving it. Please relish the gentle scented vanilla custard shoes.