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The rail system of JR, the Tama monorail, and Seibu Railway develops to the Tachikawa city.
It introduces convenient transportation to go sightseeing in the Tachikawa city.

JR East Japan

t JR Tachikawa Station, Nanbu line that runs in Ome line, Fuchu-hommachi, and the Kawasaki district that runs in Chuou Main Line and Haijima, Ome, and the Musashi-Itsukaichi district that runs to Hachioji, Takao, Kofu, and Matsumoto connects Tokyo, the Shinjuku district, and descending with going up. Please see the homepage.
Homepage http://www.jreast.co.jp/estation/station/info.aspx?StationCd=958

Tama monorail

The Tama monorail is a running railway in the south north as for the Tachikawa city. The Kamikita stand station and the south run to a central station in Tama in the north, and each station is connected with keio line, Odakyu line, and Seibu Railway. Please see the homepage.
Homepage http://www.tama-monorail.co.jp/

Seibu bus Tachikawa office

The route net of the Seibu bus Tachikawa office is Terushima City, is Higashiyamato-shi, is Musashimurayama City, and Higashimurayama city centering on JR Tachikawa Station and the Tachikawa city. Please see the homepage.
Homepage http://www.seibu-group.co.jp/bus/

Tachikawa bus

Route net with which Tachikawa city almost covers whole area. Kunitachi city, Terushima City, Musashimurayama City, and Mizuho-cho are operated. The high-speed bus for Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) and New Tokyo International Airport also is operating it. Please see the homepage.
Homepage http://www.tachikawabus.co.jp/

Kururin bus

Kururin bus is a community bus that Tachikawa City, Tokyo manages.
Homepage http://www.tachikawabus.co.jp/route.h21.2.1/kururin.htm

Keio bus

The bus for Hino Station and Takahatafudo Station is operated from the JR Tachikawa Station north exit.
Homepage http://www1.keio-bus.com/

Taxi company

Traffic Ltd. of new Tachikawa 120-17-3381
Nihon Kotsu Tachikawa Ltd. 120-88-2151
Daiwa Motor Transportation Ltd. 120-81-1451
Car of sightseeing in Tachikawa Ltd. 120-700-194